The Science

The RazorBrite solution was developed and tested in the UK, and is based on a simple technique used in the days of the cut throat razor.

Before razor blades, there was the cut throat razor. To keep these razors at their best, they would be ‘stropped’ using a piece of leather called a strop. It was clear that stropping couldn’t possibly sharpen the blade, yet, when it was done the blade of the razor appeared sharper.

It was only during the 1960′s and the invention of the electron microscope, that scientists found out what was happening. When a blade is used for shaving, it builds up a layer of crystals on the blade which causes it to drag on the skin; it is this dragging that causes razor burn and appears to dull the blade itself. The leather strop removed this crystalline build up on the blade of the razor and restored its ability to shave effectively.

With widespread adoption of the safety razor and its later variants, including the cartridge blade, it is no longer possible to use a leather strop. So, Holistic Solutions, working closely with leading chemical engineers, developed RazorBrite.

This groundbreaking solution does the same thing for safety razor blades, disposable razor blades and cartridge blades that the old style leather strop did for the cut throat; it removes the build up of crystals on the blade, thus extending the lifespan of every razor blade you use, irrespective of its design.

…and that’s the Science behind RazorBrite.