2 x 150ml RazorBrite and Dipping Container

RazorBrite Kit (2 x 150ml)


Product Description

Save money on expensive replacement cartridges and disposable razor blades. A single popular brand razor blade can cost up to £2.70 and only lasts on average 8 shaves. With that kind of return there has to be a way of saving money, especially when they cost just 10p to produce.

Double up and save!. This 2 x 150ml antibacterial RazorBrite kit contains all you need to keep your razor blades clean and sharp for the next 2 years, and adds only 30 seconds to your daily shaving routine.

Works with all major brands of razors.

What you get…

  • 2 x 150ml RazorBrite solution
  • 1 x Dipping container
  • Full instructions for use

“Once you’ve tried it, you’ll always use it”