Why should you use RazorBrite?

We know cartridge razor blades from the likes of Gillette with their Fusion and Venus products, plus Wilkinson Sword with their Quattro and Hydro range are expensive. Many people find they are using their razor blades for far longer than their shelf life permits.

A razor blade can typically last a week before you feel it’s effect dulling down, even though Gillette claim some of their razors last up to 5 weeks. We would be interested to know how many of our customers agree with that?

Currently Gillette have over 80% of the market share on razor blade sales, which is extraordinary and only highlights their quality and the confidence users have in their shaving products. Unfortunately most users can’t afford the high prices when regularly replacing their blades, resulting in uncomfortable shaves, razor burn and cuts from an overused blade.

What are the alternatives?

You could always use an electric shaver; although safer, most people find they don’t get a close enough shave, generally preferring a wet shave. This is especially so in women who want smooth legs and don’t want to deal with visible stubble.

How about a safety razor? They are much cheaper than a cartridge razor; after the initial cost of the handle, blades are inexpensive and easy to replace. However, some people feel much safer using a cartridge if they have never mastered the safety razor or have suffered a minor accident with one. By using a cartridge razor you can apply more pressure to the skin which feels like you are getting a much closer shave, however, pulling and dragging just causes razor burn and that something you wouldn’t do with a safety razor!

So, back to why you should use RazorBrite…

Well if you’re dead set on using a cartridge blade like the majority of the country, or use safety razors and want to make them last even longer then RazorBrite is for you. By keeping the blades clean you will ensure they stay sharper for longer. Which ever razor you choose, it will save you money.

If you buy creams, lotions and balms to clean your face then why not buy a solution to clean your blade? Answers on a postcard…