Shaving Tips

Shaving Tips

It has been said that “Shaving is an art, it is not instinctive knowledge”, so tips about this art form can only be helpful. Here goes our guide on how to shave correctly and our unique shaving tips …

It is always nicer to shave when you are warm and relaxed, but did you know it is actually better to shave when you are warm? You will achieve a better shave too as hair is softened by heat and muscles relax. If you can shave after a shower or a bath all the better if not, do it the old fashioned way… Heat a flannel in hot water, squeeze off the excess and wrap it around your face for about half a minute, then start your shave.

If you want a really smooth shave, or if you are sensitive to shaving, use an ‘oily’ type of shaving balm to your warmed face, which will help the razor glide smoothly across your skin. If you want to massage this in to your skin, do so against the growth.

If you want to shave using a soap type product, the best way to apply is using a shaving brush, and the best type of brush; buy the best quality you can afford. Use a circular movement to achieve a good lather before you apply it to your wetted face, and again apply using circular movements. Use the movements to lift the hairs, as hairs not lying flat to your skin are easier to remove. If the lather is a bit dry, add a ‘little’ hot water to the brush.

Now you are either massaged with oily type balm or covered with a good lather, you are ready to start shaving…

Warm your blade in hot water and start to shave in the same direction your hair grows. Rinse your razor in hot water, the more often the better. Always shave with the growth, never against it.

When you are shaving the more difficult parts of your face like under your nose, use the blade sideways. If you shave against the growth you will ‘pull’ your skin and this can cause cuts and nicks. In turn this can lead to a shaving rash.

Once your shave is finished, rinse your skin with cooler water and then cold water. Pat your skin dry, do not rub.

You know when you have achieved a ‘good’ wet shave as your skin will feel smooth and clean and fresher than before you started, this is due to the removal of dead skin cells too, known as exfoliation. As all women who exfoliate know, this new fresh layer of skin needs protection, so applying some form of moisturiser is a great idea. Use aftershave on areas you have not actually shaved, then the alcohol in most aftershaves will not ‘burn’ or dry out your skin.

For best results try and use organic shaving products on your skin as what goes onto your skin ends up inside your body.

Rinse your shaving brush well after each use and use a brush stand to dry it, in the open, not inside a cupboard or sponge bag. If your brush becomes soap-clogged, soak it in a mild borax solution.

Then, use RazorBrite to care for your razor blade ready for your next shave… it will last up to 20 times longer saving you over £100 on new blade replacement in just 12 months.