RazorBrite and Safety Razors

People often email us asking questions about RazorBrite. This particular question was about using a safety razor with the RazorBrite Solution.


When using RazorBrite with a safety razor (double edge blade), does the razor blade need to be removed from the razor head?


No, you do not need to remove the blade from the razor head.  The only parts of the blade that need to be dipped are the sharpened edges.  The dipping pot supplied with the product should provide you with sufficient room to dunk the head.  Failing that, you can dip one side, rotate it, and dip the other side.

However, because RazorBrite extends the life of individual blades so much, you would probably be advised to open the head and wash the blade from time to time.

We always enjoy receiving questions from our customers, if you would like to ask us about RazorBrite then contact us and we’ll get back to you, we might even publish your question on our blog.