Prices of razor blades soar in the last 3 years

Prices of razor blades soar in the last 3 years

A recent article by the Daily Mail reports that the cost of replacement razor blades has increased by up to 99% in the last 3 years.

It seems replacement cartridges cost as little as 10p each to make yet shoppers are being charged up to £3.49 each for the more expensive Gillette razor replacements. Some companies are even cutting the number of blades in a pack without reducing the price in order to boost their profits.

Many special offers fill our supermarket shelves and we know buying a new razor can sometimes be cheaper than buying the replacement cartridges, but even then the cost of getting a decent blade is an expensive need when they only generally include one in the pack, especially if you’re not getting much of a life span from your razor blades.

Inevitably men and women are having to make their blades last longer than they are made for, suffering cuts and nicks or putting up with itchy stubble to just to delay the shaving process. Other alternatives are cheap disposable razor blades giving users a poor shaving experience.

The ideal solution is to make your razor blades last longer and RazorBrite can do just that. By dipping your blade in our cleaning solution after you shave you can use your blade up to 20 times longer and our customers are testament to that fact. Just one bottle of RazorBrite can last up to 12 months and if you’re not sure try it and find out, it costs less than buying a new pack of cartridges.