and get a clean shave each and every day

Bringing down the cost of replacement razor blades

Most people see shaving as a chore. Whether your male or female it’s something that has to be done nearly everyday, and the expensive cost of having decent shave with a good disposable razor blade or cartridge system just makes it all the more frustrating. Many people switch to safety razors to save money. But […]

Why should you use RazorBrite?

We know cartridge razor blades from the likes of Gillette with their Fusion and Venus products, plus Wilkinson Sword with their Quattro and Hydro range are expensive. Many people find they are using their razor blades for far longer than their shelf life permits. A razor blade can typically last a week before you feel […]

Helpful shaving tips

Shaving Tips

It has been said that “Shaving is an art, it is not instinctive knowledge”, so tips about this art form can only be helpful. Here goes our guide on how to shave correctly and our unique shaving tips … It is always nicer to shave when you are warm and relaxed, but did you know […]

20% Discount in April 2015

20% Discount on RazorBrite in April 2015

Your razor blade will be almost like new with RazorBrite! Most of us throw our old razor blades away when we feel they are starting to go blunt, when actually the blade is still sharp and just dirty! RazorBrite‚Äôs unique antibacterial solution cleans off crystal build-up that causes the blade to tug, contributing to shaving […]