Male Grooming Blogger gives RazorBrite the thumbs up!

150ml RazorBrite and Dipping Container

It’s always good to get your product reviewed by industry experts and professional bloggers. That’s why we were excited when popular male grooming and beauty blogger, The Male Grooming Review agreed to trial RazorBrite and give us some valuable feedback.

The Male Grooming Review provides detailed, honest and sometimes critical reviews on long-standing top brand and newly-launched male beauty products. With a constant growth in male toiletries and beauty treatments, consumers need genuine reviews to make sure they’re getting exactly what they pay for.

We’re really pleased with the trial and results, with the key message of the review being that, ‘RazorBrite has definitely kept my razor blade sharper for a longer period of time, which would save me a lot of money in the long run’.

We get the same great testimonials from our customers again and again, so why don’t you give RazorBrite a try? It costs only £12.00, less than a £1.00 a month over a year and it can save you over £100.00 on top brand razor blades. You can read the full review of RazorBrite here.