Keeping your razor clean & sharp

Disposable Razor

How long should I use the same razor?

It’s no surprise we’re trying to maximise the life of our razor blades when you consider that the cost of Gillette disposable razor blades have soared by 99% in the last 3 years alone. Not only that, most top brand razors still only last a few shaves. If you work it out cost per shave, it’s not very good value for money. According to Razorpedia review site, a Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide razor will only last on average 8 shaves.

By trying to extend the life of our razor blades, not only are we damaging our skin, suffering with razor burn, cuts and nicks, but we’re also putting up with a less than perfect shave because its simply too expensive to throw our old blades away. In addition, it’s not unheard of for people to develop infections after a cut from a dirty razor.

How do I clean my razor blade?

RazorBrite is an antibacterial alcohol-based razor blade cleaning solution, created to remove particle build-up and prevent rust on your razor, and in actual fact keeping your razor blade clean will keep it sharp and increase the number of shaves you can get before throwing it away.

You’ll find day after day when using RazorBrite that your razor is cleaner and remains sharp for up to 20 times longer, with no tugging or cuts. Many of our customers also tell us they have a reduction in razor burn after using RazorBrite, as they were no longer using a dull and dirty blade.

At only £12.00, a standard RazorBrite kit could save you over £100.00 on your annual shaving bill.

Don’t believe it? Try it and see how you get on… but don’t forget to tell us how great it is!