Bringing down the cost of replacement razor blades

and get a clean shave each and every day

Most people see shaving as a chore. Whether your male or female it’s something that has to be done nearly everyday, and the expensive cost of having decent shave with a good disposable razor blade or cartridge system just makes it all the more frustrating.

Many people switch to safety razors to save money. But what if you want to cut down on waste as well? And what if you prefer to use disposable cartridge razors? Do you find yourself scanning the web for cheap Gillette razor blades?

According to independent review site a Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor will last on average 8 shaves. That limited use weighs heavily on your pocket and is not great for the environment either.

Cutting down the cost of replacement razor blades, a RazorBrite saving…

The cheapest pack of 8 Gilette Fusion ProGlide razors we found online cost £21.65 with free delivery, a cost of £2.70 per blade. We based our cost saving example on someone who shaves daily, 365 days of the year.

If a Fusion ProGlide blade only lasts on average 8 shaves and a person shaved everyday, they would use 45.6 blades per year and at £2.70 per blade the annual cost of razor blades alone would be £123.12. That’s without replacing the handle.

RazorBrite can extend the life of your razor blade by up to 20 times by just simply dipping your razor in to the solution after shaving, if you want to know the science just click here…  So in this example, extending blade life up to 160 days or 5.24 months.

This means even if you only use 3 blades a year whilst using RazorBrite you will save approximately £101.00 per year. A cost of only £7.10 for replacement razor blades throughout the year.

So why did we choose Gillette and their Fusion ProGilde razor?

It’s nothing personal, all the brands are pretty much on par unless you compromise quality. We decided to choose this particular razor as it was the most reviewed razor on Razorpedia’s website in 2013 and it remains one of the most popular and biggest brands on the market.

Using RazorBrite is a no brainer, and if you buy creams, lotions and balms for your face why wouldn’t you buy a solution to clean your blade, making it kinder to your skin and to your wallet?