Have a Brite and Shiny Christmas

Merry Christmas!

We’ve had a fantastic year here at RazorBrite. With great feedback from our customers and positive reviews from beauty bloggers, the RazorBrite brand is going from strength to strength.

It’s a shame to say that this year the big brand razor companies are still charging ‘an arm and a leg’ for replacement razor cartridges and quality disposable razors with no indication that prices will go down.

For example, this Christmas you can buy someone a Gillette Mach 3 Glide gift set with one 3-blade razor including the handle and a miniature sensitive shaving gel for £8.00. Reasonable? How about a Gillette Fusion Pro Razor Glide gift set for £10.00. This has one 5-blade razor with a handle and 75ml of shaving gel.

That makes a nice present for someone, but what is the on-going cost of your razor in the long run?

We don’t doubt that Gillette and Wilkinson Sword offer some of the very best quality blades on the market today, even though sometimes the blades in a multi-pack can vary in quality and smoothness when shaving.

To continue using your Fusion Pro Glide razor you can buy a pack of 10 blades from Amazon for only £22.99. That is a staggering £2.27 per blade! Think about how many shaves you get from your razor blade before you loose quality and your razor starts to irritate your skin.

It still costs on average over £100.00 per year to get a decent shave in this country and that’s why RazorBrite was invented. RazorBrite makes a fantastic Christmas gift and will save you money. RazorBrite’s antibacterial formula cleans crystal build-up on your razor blade and keeps it sharper for up to 20 times longer. It really does work!

Whatever you may be doing for Christmas, we hope you have a fulfilling holiday season and an even better New Year. See you in January 2015.