About RazorBrite

Whether you dispose of your razor blades daily, weekly or monthly, RazorBrite extends the life of all popular brands of razor blades including Gillette Fusion and Wilkinson Sword by up to 20 times.

RazorBrite offers fantastic savings on the cost of your shaving bill, and it works with both men’s and women’s shaving products. Why spend so much money on replacement razor blades when a single RazorBrite Kit will maintain a pack of blades for the whole year?

A single kit, containing a 150 ml bottle of RazorBrite solution and a small dipping container (with full instructions), is all you need to stop buying replacement razor blades for the next 12 months, offering considerable cost savings.

Does RazorBrite mean your shave will take considerably longer? No! The process is very simple, and adds no more than 30 seconds to your shaving time.

Step 1: Shave as normal.

Step 2: Rinse blade in cold water and shake off surplus.

Step 3: Move blade around in the RazorBrite solution (in dipping container) and shake off surplus.

Step 4: Store as normal to dry.

Once you’ve tried RazorBrite, it will quickly become an essential part of your grooming kit.

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