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Disposable Razor

Keeping your razor clean & sharp

How long should I use the same razor? It’s no surprise we’re trying to maximise the life of our razor blades when you consider that the cost of Gillette disposable razor blades have soared by 99% in the last 3 years alone. Not only that, most top brand razors still only last a few shaves. […]

Prices of razor blades are on the increase

Prices of razor blades soar in the last 3 years

A recent article by the Daily Mail reports that the cost of replacement razor blades has increased by up to 99% in the last 3 years. It seems replacement cartridges cost as little as 10p each to make yet shoppers are being charged up to £3.49 each for the more expensive Gillette razor replacements. Some […]

150ml RazorBrite and Dipping Container

Male Grooming Blogger gives RazorBrite the thumbs up!

It’s always good to get your product reviewed by industry experts and professional bloggers. That’s why we were excited when popular male grooming and beauty blogger, The Male Grooming Review agreed to trial RazorBrite and give us some valuable feedback. The Male Grooming Review provides detailed, honest and sometimes critical reviews on long-standing top brand […]

and get a clean shave each and every day

Bringing down the cost of replacement razor blades

Most people see shaving as a chore. Whether your male or female it’s something that has to be done nearly everyday, and the expensive cost of having decent shave with a good disposable razor blade or cartridge system just makes it all the more frustrating. Many people switch to safety razors to save money. But […]