RazorBrite’s unique formulation cleanses, conditions and restores your razor blade in only 30 seconds and each bottle lasts up to 12 months.

Save over £100 a year by extending the life of your razor blades by up to 20 times and keep your razor blades sharp…

With the average replacement razor cartridge costing only 10p to produce but replacement Gillette Fusion and Wilkinson Sword razor blade cartridges retailing on average for over £2.00 each, our necessary daily shaving routine is costing the UK a small fortune. Men and women face the same high prices for quality razors and suffer the same poor shaving experience when buying cheap disposable razors instead, leading to shaving cuts and sometimes even a shaving rash.

Don’t buy cheap razor blades!

Don’t replace your quality razor blades with cheap alternatives, just use RazorBrite.

Using a razor cartridge for more than its life span will result in annoying cuts and nicks or even razor burn, but it doesn’t mean that your razor blade is dead! By using a scientifically developed cleaning solution to dissolve crystal build up on your razor blade you can use your replacement razor blade for up to 20 times longer before disposing of it… and it works!

Make shaving blades last 20 times longer

Whether you dispose of your razor blades weekly or monthly, RazorBrite extends blade life by up to 20 times, offering fantastic savings on the cost of shaving, and it works with both mens and womens shaving products.

Keep razor blades sharp to start saving on the cost of shaving

Why spend so much money on replacement razor blades when a single RazorBrite Kit will maintain a pack of blades for the whole year? Buy RazorBrite securely online today from a trusted UK seller.

A groundbreaking solution to increase the life of your razor blades

RazorBrite is a proven, groundbreaking solution which has been developed and tested in the UK to extend the life of your wet shave’s razor blade. It works on all types of wet shave razor including cut throat razors, safety razors, disposable razors and the cartridge type. It can be used with any brand of razor blade including the most popular Wilkinson Sword Hydro, Gillette Fusion and Gillette Mach 3 razors.